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Become a member of the VW Family by taking advantage of their Partner Purchase Program. The discount program is designed to show appreciation for supporting their brand and contributing to their success.

They are extremely proud of their vehicles, and once you get behind the wheel of one, you'll feel the same way.

$500.00 off the Dealer Invoice price

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Special redemption instructions below.

Step 1

Request a membership verification letter from RESAAS 

  1. Enter your name, RESAAS personal link and the email address associated with your account
  2. Click submit and your letter will be emailed to you within a couple days

Step 2

Download your Parner Program certificate from Volkswagen

  1. Enter the RESAAS Partner Program number 5664BS, your name and email address
  2. Click the 'Get Certificate' button to print out your certificate

Step 3

Bring the following materials to your local Volkswagen dealer to redeem your deal:

  1. Membership verification letter from RESAAS
  2. Partner program certificate from Volkswagen
  3. Your Real Estate License


How does the discount work? 

Your purchase price will be that of the Dealer Invoice less $500 * No negotiating! No hassles! You may also qualify for special incentives.**  Upon request, the dealer will show you the Vehicle Invoice Price to ensure it complies with the program stipulations. Verify the pricing and sign the certificate where indicated. If you have any pricing concerns that cannot be resolved at the dealership, please contact Program Headquarters at (703) 364-7910 or via email at partnerprogram@vw.com. Our website (www.vwpartnerprogram.com) also gives users the opportunity to build & price vehicles prior to purchase.

Which vehicles are eligible? 

Unless there is advance written notice, all new and unused Volkswagen vehicles are eligible for the program discount. Please note that Dealer has final discretion to sell any vehicle that may be in short supply. If a dealer will not sell a particular vehicle, you can contact a different dealership.


*Other factors may affect the sale price including but not limited to the purchase of an extended warranty, accessories or equipment and/or equity of a trade-in vehicle. As with any new vehicle purchase, you are responsible for all taxes, title, licensing, documentary, emission and other applicable fees.

** Retail incentives, APR or lease specials may also be available. See dealer for details.