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Top Producer® CRM, FiveStreet, and Market Snapshot® are designed to help real estate professionals convert prospects into sales and foster long term relationships to optimize their repeat and referral business. Top Producer® connects to over a hundred popular lead sources, making it easy to respond, prioritize and connect with incoming prospects. Top Producer® CRM also helps real estate agents and brokers manager ongoing client relationships through every phase of their real estate cycle.  Learn more about these products below. 

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The smart software for Real Estate Professionals. Designed to help you drive customer service and position your business for success now and in the future.  

Be the trusted source of information and education. Leverage the power of your MLS to create interesting, neighbourhood reports and listing alerts that  your customers are looking for, but can only find from you. 

Aggregate leads from over 100+ sources (and counting..) into a single view. Respond to each lead in a personal way with a text message, giving you time to follow-up with a call.

Top Producer® CRM & Market Snapshot® Bundle Package

Receive both Top Producer CRM® and Market Snapshot® together, 

at a special discount! Learn more about the discount through our demos. 

Key Features

  • Interfacing and consolidating leads from more sources than any other CRM on the market
  • Integration with other business solutions 
  • 360 view of your customers, and your business, on any device
  • Team Collaboration 
  • Engagement reminders to generate repeat and referral business
  • Scheduling and day to day activity management 

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