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We setup and create proven Facebook ads designed to attract new seller leads in the exact areas you want more listings. Think of it as digital door knocking, StreetText will knock on every door for you, so you will know which homes will sell next month, in 3 months, or in 6+ months. While building your brand, dominate your local market by showcasing your brand to thousands of people in the exact areas you want more listings every week.  

10% off (upon requesting free demo)

Categories: Lead Generation

Key Features 

  • 24.7 access to our private Facebook group of Realtors: Learn industry best practices from other top Realtors. Master how to convert every StreetText opportunity, including partial submissions, from StreetText's top real estate agents. 
  • StreetText searches for the internet for any social information we can provide about the client: Be better prepared to connect and build rapport as you reach out to your clients. 
  • Beautiful dashboard to manage all your leads: Stay organized, track your follow up and close more deals. 
  • Fully branded and without any Zip or postal code restrictions: Target your choice of neighbourhoods and set yourself apart. 
  • Build your brand: Dominate  your local market by showing your brand to thousands of people each week.
  • Change your budget any time: Spend more when you have more time for leads, spend less when you are away.