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State and Liberty Clothing Company is on a mission to provide male athletes the fit feel and professional look they deserve in a dress shirt. Their unique fit provides more room in the shoulders, chest and arms while having a really tailored waist. The cut of the dress shirt rewards those with an "V Shape" body type.

Along with the fit, the shirts are crafted from an athletic performance fabric (much like your favourite workout shirt). The shirts are stretchy, moisture wicking and extremely low maintenance. They are wrinkle free and do not need to dry cleaned - simply wash and hang to dry. Lastly, the cuffs and collars have been double fused with stiffening fabric for a strong professional look and their innovative high hidden button holds the collars in while being worn without a tie.


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Key Features

  • True Athletic Fit: Designed for the "V" body type. More room in the upper body with a slim waist. If your belly is bigger than your chest, these dress shirts are not for you.
  • Low Maintenance: Wrinkle free and machine washable. Throw your iron out and break up with your dry cleaner. You officially have more time and money.
  • Athletic Fabric- Stretchy, moisture wicking, lightweight and infused with anti-odor treatment. We stole your favorite workout shirt and made a sharp looking dress shirt.
  • Office Ready: We promise you wont find stiffer cuffs and collars on the market. Oh yeah, check out our high hidden button too...they are a game changer.