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SolarCity, America's #1 solar provider, is changing the world one rooftop at a time with clean, more affordable energy. No upfront costs. No hassles. Just lower energy bills from day one - with predictable, low rates for decades to come. 

Talk to your client about making the simple switch to SolarCity and help make the future brighter for you, them and the planet. Every client who signs up will get a month of solar on SolarCity - and you'll get $250. It's a win for everyone! 

Claim $250 per successful referral 

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$250 Referral Process 

  • If a client is interested in learning if solar is right for them, send them to solarcity.com/resaas to get a free quote.
  • SolarCity will handle the whole process from start to finish. 
  • You'll receive $250 for each referral who installs a SolarCity system
  • Your referrals will get a month of solar on SolarCity 

Questions about the agent referral fee? Contact - marketplace@resaas.com

To learn more about SolarCity, check out the Academy article - Why Going Solar is a Bright Idea for your Clients regarding this referral program. 

RESAAS Referral Terms & Conditions