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ScoreApprove is a free sales tool that lets you offer homebuyers a free home financing assessment and instant access to their credit score. Not only will buyers thank you, you’ll receive their home financing capabilities complete with credit grade and maximum purchasing power. Determine which leads qualify for a mortgage so you can stop wasting time chasing unqualified buyers.

ScoreApprove’s dashboard lets you easily track leads, invite homebuyers with a single click, and access marketing materials for your website and emails, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Signups can even be integrated into your current CRM software.

ScoreApprove: the valuable free tool that makes homebuyers happy and gives you instant home buying information.


Categories: Sales

Key Features

  • Instantly know which leads are likely to qualify for a mortgage - a huge timesaver! 
  • Sync homebuyer data with almost any CRM.
  • Soft credit pull - won't affect your clients' credit rating! 
  • Easy-to-use dashboard lets you manage leads, invite new homebuyers, access online marketing tools, and more (even if you're a technophobe). 
  • Free marketing materials, including banner ads and email signature buttons, specially written and designed to maximize your sales and lead generation. 
  • Choose a preferred lender for improved networking, speedier pre-approvals, and more lead potential.