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Nurture leads, develop repeat customers, and generate referrals. 

Relationship management that helps your business create new opportunities through authentic engagement. Now, with Contactually, you can: 

  • Close more deals from leads you've already generated
  • Build the valuable relationships needed for long sales cycles
  • Keep revenue opportunities from falling through the cracks
  • Push more prospects through the sales funnel successfully

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How to use Contactually


Step #1 - Connect Your Accounts

Sync your business email account and Contactually will automatically start building your personal relationship-based CRM. Even external applications like MailChimp and Zapier are easy to integrate, so all of your relationships and communications are in one place.

Step #2 - Categorize and Prioritize

Segment your high value business relationships into “Buckets” and set the frequency you want to stay in touch. For example, you need to keep in touch with your “leads” more often than your “referrals”. Just set the reminder time for your “leads bucket” and let Contactually take care of the rest.

Step #3 - Follow up and Stay Connected

Now Contactually will automatically start generating your follow up list right from the Dashboard. In minutes a day accomplish your daily to-do’s and you’ll start building the authentic relationships that generate your business more referrals.


In the first hour of using Contactually, I made $15,000”
— David Conderman - CEO KW Key Partners
The first quarter of 2015 was the best quarter I’ve had so far as a realtor, [thanks to] Contactually.
— Jacquelyn Leahy - Gibson, Realtor

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To get in touch with Contactually:

Email: help@contactually.com | Phone: (888) 856-7578 | Address: 1005 7th St. NW, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. 20001